Bleaching Templates

When I started bleaching shirts for sublimation I struggled in getting the bleach just right for the design I planned to add later. I was/am a bit of a perfectionist and wanted it too look just right since I wasn't a fan of the messier bleaching style. After brainstorming along with some trial and error, templates made out of this recycled wood product ended up being the best option. Many of our customers have used their first set for 2 plus years!

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Get brighter, more vibrant, long lasting images with WanderSubli! A super simple, non-toxic fabric spray to use on items that are not 100% polyester. WanderSubli is non-toxic, VOC free, and has been rigorously tested for quality and safety. (Product isn't made by TCP Creations, but we love it!)

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Favorite Digital Designers

I can't draw to save my life! Instead I purchase designs from some pretty talented designers. Click on the link below to see a list of my favorite shops. Full transparency, some of the links to digital designers will pay us commissions when purchases are made.

Digital Designers