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The Chalk Pair

Circle Shape Wood Bleaching Template (Made To Order)

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This listing is for one circle shaped bleaching template. Offered in 7 inch, 9 inch, 11 inch, 13 inch and 15 inch. 

These templates are made of a 1/4 inch thick recycled wood and will arrive unsealed and not protected from bleach. It's your responsibility to follow the care instructions and spray a polyurethane sealer to protect each template. Bleach is considered corrosive and will eventually eat through the sealer, so it's important to neutralize the bleach with peroxide after each use and reseal them after 4-6 months of use. These can be used unsealed, but will break down much faster and need to be replaced quicker. Sealed ones last a really long time, we have customers still using their first set from 2-3 years ago! We still recommend you seal them when you receive them or use them at your own risk unsealed. Water can NOT be used with them at all! If water is used or they are used unsealed we will not replace or refund your money for any damage they may get. 

To see how we use these and to learn more about bleaching we recommend to follow us on TikTok or join our Bleachmates group for customers on Facebook. If you don't have TikTok or Facebook, shoot us an email to and we can send over a video. 

These are NOT returnable for any reason! 

Turnaround time can be on top banner of the website. I understand y’all order these for your shirt business and it’s my top priority to get them out to you as quickly as possible. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews

I love using the circle shape for my Halloween designs

Hilary Candelario

I’m in love with all of my stencils. Sealing them were easy. Thank you for your “how to” videos.. and instructions with my package! I’m going to need all sizes for circle and square template. Lol

Can’t wait to order more.

Magdaline Moreno

Love them.


I've only us a couple. I love them

Sandy Camp
Circle Template

Awesome template by Autumn every time. These templates make my bleaching perfect, efficient, and fast all the time. If you're bleaching shirts, these are a huge game changer to have the perfect size and shape on every shirt.