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The Chalk Pair

Probably Not Cheetah Animal Print Bleaching Template (For Experienced Bleachers)

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These are made with at least 1 inch border all the way around to help with overspray, but it's recommended to shield sides to ensure excess bleach doesn't get outside the template area. Available in 12.5 by 12.5 and 21 by 18 inch sizes for the wood surface. The only available size for acrylic is 9 by 11 inches. This design will not come with cut pieces for reverse bleaching, they are too small. 

You can pick between acrylic or unsealed wood. The wooden templates are made of a 1/4 inch thick recycled wood and will arrive unsealed and not protected from bleach. The acrylic option will also be unsealed, but will not require sealant. It's your responsibility to follow the care instructions and spray a polyurethane sealer to protect each template. Bleach is considered corrosive and will eventually eat through the sealer, so it's important to neutralize the bleach with peroxide after each use and reseal them after 4-6 months of use. These can be used unsealed, but will break down much faster and need to be replaced quicker. Sealed ones last a really long time, we have customers still using their first set from 2-3 years ago! We still recommend you seal them when you receive them or use them at your own risk unsealed. Water can NOT be used with them at all! If water is used or they are used unsealed we will not replace or refund your money for any damage they may get. 

To see how we use these and to learn more about bleaching we recommend to follow us on TikTok or join our Bleachmates group for customers on Facebook. If you don't have TikTok or Facebook, shoot us an email to and we can send over a video. 

These are NOT returnable for any reason! This pattern has many small pieces and should be considered for shirt bleachers with some experience, beginners may find it easy to bleach with after a few practice attempts. 

Turnaround time can be on top banner of the website. I understand y’all order these for your shirt business and it’s my top priority to get them out to you as quickly as possible. 

Customer Reviews

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Jessica Lambert

I absolutely love these! So many ways to use them! 10/10 recommended:)

Jennifer Howard
Probably not cheetah

Love love LOVE all my products I received!!

Chelsea- SoulShine Creations Co.
Love it 🥰

Autumn is wonderful! She’s super transparent & keeps you up to date with any issues that might arise! I absolutely love this stencil! I bought the large 21x18” stencil. I really love the pattern on this one. These stencils are great quality & super easy to use! I buy mine unsealed & seal them myself but you also have the option to buy them already sealed which is super helpful! Definitely recommend & will be buying more stencils to create more amazing pieces! 🫶🏼

Decent quality

Pretty decent quality. I do wish the boards were a little thicker.