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The Chalk Pair

$25 Bleaching Template Grab Box

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Grab boxes are filled with completely random items in the category selected and there are no refunds or returns allowed!

This is a bleaching template grab box, so you'll receive bleaching templates in your box. Size and shape of each template will vary for every single box. If you've order from us in the past we may even make a custom template based on your previous orders.

These boxes start with at least 25% discount off retail prices.  On top of this already big discount each box could have extra templates, free items, exclusive shapes that aren't offered on our website, or even coupon codes for 30-60% off your next purchase! It's not guaranteed that your box will be picked for an extras, so if you don't get something special in your box this time you'll probably get something next time.

Discount codes can not be used on any grab boxes as they are already discounted. If a coupon code for this item you’ll get the value you paid after the discount is applied. For example if you use a 50% discount your starting value for a grab box will be $25 not $50. There will also be no freebies or coupon codes for future orders in your box if you choice to use a discount code. 

These templates are made of a 1/4 inch thick recycled wood and will arrive unsealed and not protected from bleach. It's your responsibility to follow the care instructions and spray a polyurethane sealer to protect each template. Bleach is considered corrosive and will eventually eat through the sealer, so it's important to neutralize the bleach with peroxide after each use and reseal them after 4-6 months of use. These can be used unsealed, but will break down much faster and need to be replaced quicker. Sealed ones last a really long time, we have customers still using their first set from 2-3 years ago! We still recommend you seal them when you receive them or use them at your own risk unsealed. Water can NOT be used with them at all! If water is used or they are used unsealed we will not replace or refund your money for any damage they may get. 

To see how we use these and to learn more about bleaching we recommend to follow us on TikTok or join our Bleachmates group for customers on Facebook. If you don't have TikTok or Facebook, shoot us an email to and we can send over a video. 

These are NOT returnable for any reason! 

Turnaround time can be on top banner of the website. I understand y’all order these for your shirt business and it’s my top priority to get them out to you as quickly as possible. 

Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Teresa Francis
Bleaching grab box, fantastic deal

I am so glad I got the grab box, set me up with plenty center shapes to get started with

Gina Garcia
Grab box

First time getting a grab box. I was happy when I opened it up. Just what I needed for my shirts

D. Cardwell

What a bang for your buck !!

Mescha Hoskins
Such cute designs

I love everything I got in my grab boxes! I wanted to be surprised and start with a variety. Will definitely purchase more!

Donna Baird
$25 Mystery Box

I got my box today and I am SUPER excited!!! I LOVED everything that I got and cannot wait to use them!! I had some polyurethane stashed away but its all dried up so I will be making a lunch run tomorrow so I can get them sealed up! I plan to get another box asap!!